Family Of Fine Fords

By Matt H.

Ever since I was a little kid I was always into cars like most of us here on Ford Social. I was fortunate enough to have an original 1970 grabber blue Mach 1 as my first car. It had 68k original miles, all matching numbers, etc. I was 15 when I got this car and I'm 22 now. Before people read this and assume I'm some punk kid who doesn't deserve a car of that caliber, you have to realize I am not the typical kid you have in mind. I babied that car, took it to shows, never went over the speed limit, I even washed it every time I took it out for a drive. Ive had it about 7 years now and as it currently sits it has 74k miles. My second car was a 1997 Explorer sport which I drove every day. I eventually traded up to a 2006 Performance white mustang V6 when I graduated HIgh School. Straight out of high school I attended College for Creative Studies to peruse my dream of designing cars and one day working for Ford. In 2009 when Ford announced they would be bringing back the color Grabber Blue, my heart nearly exploded. I told myself I would do whatever it took to have one to match my 1970. well less than a year later, I made that dream come true. I now own a 2010 GT premium in Grabber Blue. Needless to say that car is far from stock now and resembles my Mach1 and they get showed together. Its nice having my GT when my Mach 1 stays home in Missouri and Im here in Detroit Michigan. reminds me of how much I love that car. Well Im graduating college this semester, boy how time flies, and I have had recent interest from Ford to become a design for them. My life long dream is coming true, and without my Mustangs I might not be where I am today. I'm not the only Ford nut in my family either. My dad has a 2001 f-350 and my mom has a 2008 Edge limited. The line of ford goes way back in my family and will always support it. So I hope you enjoyed my story, even though there is no ending. And like most of us, there will never be an ending to this story. Thank you!