Excitement & Happiness

By John R.

My first Mustang was a used 1969 convertible which I purchased in 1975 and was stolen and destroyed less than 3 months later. I waited many years and kep thinking about buying another one. Finally, in 2004, I bought a 40th anniversary V6 coupe but kept dreaming about a convertible. In late 2008, my wife and I made an agreement. If we could find a 2008 convertible on 02-28-09, we would attempt to buy it. On that date, I found a black GT convertible at a local dealership and it was ours 3 days later. Then in 2010, I traded in the V6 for a 2010 GT coupe in Kona Blue so we now have two in our stable and I'm trying to talk the wife into three. They are just so much fun to drive and it brings back so many memories when the first 1964 and a half was at the local dealership in my city and I would sit in one and think that one day I would be owning and driving one.