Economy From An Australian Straight Six

By Ian B.

Sorry to the Mustang fratenity as this will show up under the Mustang sector but the pull down doesn't cater for other Ford vehicles not built in America so i went as close as possible.
My vehicle is a Australian 2009 FG Falcon XR6 Turbo and i have recently had some minor modifications done, just hi-flow s/s exhaust, flow checked injectors and a tune, you know just minor stuff. I used to average 9.7l/100km (roughly 28mpg) and on a recent return trip to Brisbane i averaged 7.5l/100km(37mpg). The trip is about 3hrs each way with about an hour of city traffic each way, it is abut 10% freeway where we can do 110kph(roughly 70mph) interspersed with hilly stuff and flat 100kph(roughly 60mph)highway and a few smaller towns so all in all a good mix of the driving enviroment. I love my Ford and as FMC says this vehicle is supposed to do 12l/100km i think i have made a very positive step in the economy direction.
Al Rocker 11/04/2011
I spent a couple of weeks in Melbourne about 6 years ago and had the pleasure of test driving a Falcon GT. Even with the steering wheel on the wrong side for us Yanks, it was a blast to drive. Aussies are fortunate to have Falcon as their Mustang equivalent.