Dreams Have Come True

After 40 years of my life the biggest dream has come true.I bought brand new Mustang V6 in 2008 in America and brought him to Europe.That was base model,but passion of Mustang becomes bigger and bigger every day.So,I ordered in USA replaced&added;leather seats (red&black now),JBA exhaust,K&N CAI,GT style grill with fog lamps,45th anniversary emblems,head lamp splitters.In my country white racing stripes have been added, which are painted now by 4 coats of the color.Since 2008 I drove him across the Europe,from Ireland to Italy,from UK to Montenegro and this year i go to France.It's the real pleasure to drive a legend car like MUSTANG.
Mike Arreola 07/27/2011
The Mustang is a dream of mine. And since I sell Fords, it's a pleasure to see others take great joy in test driving and buying these Greatest of Pony Cars. Long Live the Mustang.