Dreams Do Come True!

Back in 2002, when I was 9 years old, my grandmother (whom I call Nana) had bought a brand new 2002 Ford Mustang. The color and make? Sonic Blue V6. I was shocked to see this kind of car, because before the mustang, my Nana and my mom had Honda's. I fell in love with the sleek and mean design of the '02 mustang. I had deemed it my "dream car". Over the years of growing up, I had dreamt of owning a mustang, one that was blue, just like Nana's. It was so fun driving around with her and jamming out to 90s rock music. I missed those moments so much...getting older really gets a hold of you. And life hit pretty hard, too. With school getting in the way of family time, barely seeing my father who moved to the other side of the country, I felt....heartbroken. When it was my sophomore year of high school, I was so excited to get my license! I didn't think I'd ever be able to drive, haha! But fortunately, I was passed down a car. But it wasn't the mustang, it was my mother's previous 1994 Saturn, which was standard. Man, was that thing hard to drive. So, I drove it for the next 2 years of high school, accident free. It was my senior year and I was about to graduate. Guess what my graduation gift was? The '02 Sonic Blue mustang from my Nana! At the age of 18! My dream car, I never would have thought I'd drive and own one so soon! It has 100,000 miles, and I plan on driving it until the odometer stops! The feeling of driving this car, it's speechless. Even though it's a V6, I still consider it amazing! To this day I drive it to work and college (wish I didn't have to!). It's also special because in my town, there are many 99-04 mustangs, but mine's the only blue one! This car is almost 10 years old coming 2012, but she seems new to me! Thank you, Ford, for making such a stylish, fast, and memorable car! Keep the mustang line going! I hope to someday own a 2011 V6, or perhaps GT....who knows?! But I will stick with my Ford Mustang as long as I can!
Sam Boswell III 12/31/2011
I agree with both James and Andrew, and the Dodge Challenger looks completely overweight.
James Brija 11/09/2011
That is a great story! I have loved Mustangs since I was in high school too. I like my V-6 too, and when people tell me I should have a GT I just say "I've got enough power, and fuel economy to go with it. Besides I'm not insecure about my masculinity, and don't need to race anyone" You're right the V-6's are underestimated fun to drive! @Andrew I worked for an oil change place for a while, and brought in a new camaro. You can't SEE out of those things! They're huge, but tiny inside, and while they're supposed to be Mustang competition, their price range is far above the new Mustangs, and they're horribly under-powered too.
Andrew Reel 10/29/2011
i agree, keep the mustang alive, don't wait like ten years like camaro did, (the new camaro is slow and chinsy by the way)