Dirt Cheap

I was 16 years old It was 1984 and my uncle came across a mustang he bought, as soon as i saw It I knew I wanted it, (at the time I wasn't really a mustang nut), so I worked out a deal with him, he wanted $250.00 for It, he let me pay for It by doing odd jobs for him, wasn't long I had her home I knew It was a rust bucket but I didn't care, my dad and I patched her up and I drove It for a number of years.
Finally when I was older and wiser i decided to do a ground up resto on her, ( not professional by no means), I did all the work myself including paint, I am very proud of It and enjoy driving It, And yes I am a mustang enthusiast now, I love old and new Mustangs, keep up the good work. Thanks Rick Wright