We are a small indie film production company. We always wanted to make an action film that centered around a classic car. We worked on the script for several years and searched for a car forever. With only our credit cards to finance the film, we were at a loss. The picture car companies in Hollywood wanted $550 a day to rent a car and this was more than our entire budget for the film. The film is a collaboration of other filmmakers, actors, crew and students who loved our script. We got everything together and finally after three years of writing and pre-production, we had a start date of July 13, 2009. The only problem was, we still didn't have a car. We were starting to panic.

A few weeks before our start date, we went to see Chuck, a kind man who works on Mustangs in LA. We told him our problem and he promptly walked us out to his parking lot and introduced us to Francis O'Toole, one of his customers, who just happened to own several classic cars. After talking to Francis for about thirty minutes, he offered to let us use his beautiful '67 Mustang for our film, for free. We shot the film and are now editing it and plan to get all the Mustang enthusiasts we can find to help us support the film. The car is exactly what we wanted and looks beautiful in our film. You can see more information about the car and the film at where we already have more than 2,000 fans. The world is in love with this car and we want to reach as many of them as we can.
Josh 12/02/2009
What's the name of the film? I want to check it out. Has it debuted yet?