Daily Driver Races Hard

I bought my 2007 Ford Mustang brand new on Feb 25, 2007. It was my first new car and, having been a Mustang fanatic since I was four years old, I was certain that I would baby and protect my Mustang for as long as I owned it. Then in 2008, over a dare from my friends who had just bought a 2008 Mustang GT, we both took our cars down the 1/4 mile drag strip....just to say we had done it. We were hooked! As of this writing, my Mustang is just over 4 years old and is now supercharged, cammed and tuned. It runs the 1/4 in the low 11's and has over 97,000 miles on it including four Ohio winters. 55,000 of those miles and probably 200 drag passes have been under boost from the twin screw supercharger. My Mustang still has the original OEM motor, including rods, pistons and crank. Only the inlet is changed. I race and drive on the stock torque converter and transmission. I did have to replace an alternator and stock Limited Slip Differential, but pushing more than 500 horses through an LSD designed for a 300hp car, you can heat the tires so many times. I expected that. I ran my car in the NMRA Superstang class last season. I drove to every race and home again from every race, all over the country. I finished 10th in the overall points standings in a very compettitive class. My thanks to FoMoCo for building me a car that I could depend on every day and play with as well.
iisj 07/27/2011
Do the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour or the Drag Week!!! those events would be really fun in your mustang :))