Dad's Foxxy & M3 (Honoring Father's Day)

By Brel K.

My story begins in the early 1990s the day my dad 1st brought her home; an 89' Ford Mustang Foxbody. We would take trips around the states just listening to her engine purr, and music bumpin'. By my young age of 5-8 yrs old I would be under the hood helping dad with the engine and giving her a lift with the jack. I was proud to have my dad get me from school with her everyday. All my friends thought she was cool. I'd ride with my dad everywhere just to hear the gears shift and feel the horsepower under my feet. From running solo, to a mustang club, to coming undone with time; yea she's been through it all: heat, hail & Michigan snow. Now its time to get her back and better than ever. As my dad loves his mustangs, I love my dad just as much. He's a Ford man through n through and I'm glad to be a Ford gurl too. Being brought up around Mustangs my whole life gave me a new thrill and drive. To achieve and be the best in everything. One day I'll have a Mustang as b.a.d as foxxy and be proud just like my dad. ^_^
*Picture of my dad 89' Ford Mustang infront w/ Me(Blue&Black), and my cousins