Dad's First Car Restored

My dad bought his first car, a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe, fresh off the lot in his early 20’s. Of course I had no idea of this fact until I started dating (and later married) a guy who had grown up restoring classic mustangs with his dad. My dad talked about the day he went down to the dealership and bought his candy apple red ’67 Mustang Coupe. He enjoyed the car for a while but then later sold it to his dad. It then ended up with my aunt that had held onto it through all the years. I found out it was parked in a field at another aunt’s house in need of a full restoration.

I was lucky enough to purchase this car in May of 2008 from my aunt, even though both of my parents were not sure purchasing it was such a good idea since it was in such bad shape. I had, by this time, witnessed a full restoration done by my husband and father-in-law on another mustang; so I knew this mustang could be saved.

We dragged it out of the field and slowly started the restoration project, throwing any extra money we had into it when we could. I remember spending evenings in the garage helping to strip paint, or peeling off weather stripping. I wanted to be involved in this restoration in any way possible. It was very slow going and the project even was derailed a couple times during difficult times in life. There was a car accident my husband was in and failed In vitro Fertilization. Both of these temporarily put the restoration on hold, but the biggest derailment was the sudden passing of my mother. She had shared memories of my dad (before they even dated) sitting in his mustang parked in front of his house listening to the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. I had wanted more than anything for her to finally get to go for a ride with my dad in the fully restored mustang with Sgt. Peppers playing in the background. I was crushed that she was never going to get that chance. For a while, I lost all interest in the car.

Eventually I regained interest and we surged ahead with the restoration. We finally finished the car in May 2012 (4 years after buying the car). It was amazing seeing that car come together. I was able to watch the transformation from a sad rusted out vehicle, to a nicely restored replica of how it looked the day my dad bought it. I have been able to take it to shows along with my dad and make many memories with it, but nothing tops the day we let my dad take the wheel. He took it for a drive around his old neighborhood with Sgt. Peppers playing in the background. The look of joy on his face as he took that trip down memory lane will never be forgotten.