Daddy's Little Girl Loves Her Ponies :)

By Amy M.

My Ford story comes from my father. He inspired my love of the Mustang from the time I was a little girl. He showed me his 1967 Mustang (red-hot with a 302) and taught me that there was no other sports car. My father had one, rebuilt classic ones and even bought a 5.0 for my grandmother. As I got older, I fell more in love and knew that my first car must be a Mustang. Well, I got my wish. I began driving in 1994 and Daddy got me a 1993 white Pony. Unfortunately, I did not have this one long because of an idiot in a pick-up truck....but that is another story. My airbag deployed and I did not have a scratch on me. My next car was a 1993 red convertible Mustang. I LOVED that car. I kept it until 1998 when I got a 1998 model. This pony was passed down to my niece in 2002, when I got a beautiful candy-apple red pony. This car was so special to me because it was the last one my Daddy helped me to pick out. He died of cancer later that year. I felt like that car was my connection to him. Well, when I got married in 2008, my new hubby had already figured out the way to my heart. He got me a 2008 black Mustang. Her name is Black Betty and she is hot. Since my goddaughter was brought up correctly and understands the power of the Mustang, I passed my 2002 red to her. She has inherited the pony-love. I have no plans to drive anything other than my Mustangs. I don't want ANYTHING else. When I retire, I plan to move to the beach, buy myself a 1960s convertible pony and have my Daddy's name put on the plate. Mustangs are my connection to my Daddy. Therefore, they are sacred to me.....there is NO OTHER SPORTS CAR. :)