Dad Sacrifices Dream Car For Daughter

On April 12, 1994 we brought our beautiful daughter into the world. We were devastated to learn that she was born with a large tumor on her nose & upper lip called a hemangioma. She would also later develop juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. In light of the care our daughter would need I gave up my career to be home with her. For the last 18 years we faced 12 operations, emotional anguish and financial devastation. Trying to survive on one income (an electrician's salary) was impossible and we made many sacrifices in the process.

On 9/28/2000, my husband made the find of a lifetime! He purchased the rusted frame of a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback for $200. You can only imagine what I thought upon seeing this. What do we need this for? How can we possibly afford to restore a vehicle while living paycheck to paycheck? But, this was a dream and my husband had a plan to just take his time and barter for the work needed. The outcome was nothing short of a miracle. He worked outdoors all day in the hot Florida sun and every night he worked in our 2 car home garage restoring his car. On weekends he bartered electrical work for things the Mustang needed. Four years later my husband's dream car actually materialized from that rusted frame into the car he had long dreamed about and it was truly a sight to behold. He was so proud of his Fastback and I was so proud of him. Plus, I got to ride in one hot looking car!

On 12/3/2004, only 3 months after restoration, faced with our daughter's continuing medical bills, mounting debt and possible foreclosure, my husband made the decision to sell his dream car for his family. He made it seem like it was an easy decision but I know he thinks about that car all the time. We frequent car shows and he seeks out the Fastbacks first and always compares them to "HIS" car. I was proud when he restored that Mustang but I was beyond proud, so amazed and more in love with that man when he made the ultimate sacrifice without even batting an eye and sold his treasured car.

I have tons of pictures, the original Bill of Sale, the receipt when the Mustang was sold, a copy of the registration and even a set of keys from the 65 Fastback. I would love to reunite my wonderful husband with his car one day but we could never afford it. Just knowing that my husband was willing to sacrifice something that he worked so hard on and had dreamed about since his youth for his family means so much to me.