Crossing Over The Europe

Just 2 days ago I came back with my Stang from vacation.Quick description-start on 08.09 at 4pm from Warsaw.Passed Germany,Belgium and reached Port of Calais on Friday 09.09.Saturday morning ferry boat carried us to England,then we drove to Fishguard to take another ferry to Ireland.Finally on Saturday we obtained first longer stopover at my bro house for 4 days.On Wednesday 14th of Sept we got ferryboat straight to France(sail over 16hrs),we have hit French coast in Roscoff.Drove to St Malo,there we were 5 days and during our stay we visited some interesting places (castles,towns) like Dinard,Fort La Latte,Combourg,Le Mont St Michele.Sum up-we passed 4300km in 12 days,average fuel consumption on motorway using speed cruise control up to 150km/h was 9,4L per 100km,which is great result.Sad, vacation is over now but having hope for next amazing trip shortly.
Pawel Jedrzejczyk 09/28/2011
Thank you very much.Indeed,Mustang is very rare to see on the roads in Europe.This is Muscle Classic Car with fantastic history since 1964.This is my best car I ever had.Take my best regards.
T Craig-P71CV 09/27/2011
Great! I hope you like it. Mustangs are great cars. You take care of it and it will be a classic car one day, especially over in Europe where I'm sure Mustangs are very rare to find. Happy motoring.
Pawel Jedrzejczyk 09/27/2011
I imported my Mustang from USA in 2008.Friend of mine he is a Ford's dealer in America.
T Craig-P71CV 09/26/2011
Cool! I didn't know you could get Mustangs over there. Do they sell them there or did you import it?
Pawel Jedrzejczyk 09/26/2011
No no no,I'm living in Europe,in Poland.You're right, I'm getting a lot of looks everyday on Europe's roads,that's nice.
T Craig-P71CV 09/24/2011
You took your Stang over to Europe? Sweet! I bet you got a lot of looks when you came cruisin' down the road in your Mustang.