Cross Country Roadtrip

By Judy M.

This story is a lot longer than what the word count allows so here's the short version. Saw a Mustang GT convertible online that we wanted but it got sold before we could go see it. After lots of search for the same exact car, my husband found one for sale in Arizona. Seeing as he was headed to Vegas anyway, we looked into getting it. Had an independent mechanic look at it, gave it a thumbs up (told us we were stealing it for what we were paying!) and told us we should get it. The owners were living in England so a nice neighbor was selling it for them. The wife almost didn't make it over from England for the sale because of the Icelandic volcano grounding flights. The husband works for the same company that my husband I both used to and we had the same bank so paying for the car was easy. My husband flew out to Arizona, stayed with the neighbor, bought the car on a Friday, drove to Vegas for the weekend and I joined him on Sunday. We covered 14 states in 4 1/2 days and visited a friend in Colorado on the way that I hadn't seen in 11 years. Saw the Grand Canyon and drove the famous Route 66. Arizona doesn't require inspection stickers like NH. So we have no inspection sticker and temp plates. We traveled thousands of miles and didn't get stopped once...until we were 20 minutes from home! Because of the missing inspection sticker. Great trip, and I LOVE this car!