Castlemans Disease Took Everything But The Mustang

One night in our little town of Warren,Ohio, we were driving by a used car dealer and my husband seen a shiny, black mustang . He had to pull in to get a better look because he had always dreamed of owning one and since he had a great job , he figured it was time to get what he had always dreamed of. So, before we knew it , he was pulling out with his dream car. I had never seen such a bigger smile on someones face except when they might win the lottery. I was so over joyed for him. He really did deserve it since, he had been working his butt off. Months later, he wasn't feeling good physically and decided to go to the emergency room. The doctors discovered that all his lymph nodes were very swollen. He was hospitalized for months after the discovery. As I was driving the mustang back and forth to Cleveland Metro hospital, the ball joint popped out and it has been sitting ever since. My husband looks at it sit in our garage just needing a fuel pump, starter, and gas and brake lines cause those have all gone bad as it has been sitting since 2004. It only has 113,000 miles on it, and the body is in good shape with no rust. We lost everything we had but, the mustang. An one day, we will get it back up and running but for now, it sits waiting to be drove.