Casey's Big 6 'Stang!

I remember my first time I saw a Mustang up close and said to myself this is what I want as my first new car when it comes to buying a new car, that was in 1965. I was working nights in a Service Station and going to School and then during the Summers I worked in a Sawmill while continuing to work in the evenings during the week in a Service Station and on Saturdays I would cut fields on a Tractor I saved all my money I made to pay for it. 3 years later once I got my first job 1 year after graduating from High School I bought my New 1969 Mustang Coupe, that was in June of 1969. it had a Big 6 cyl 250 cu in (4.1 L) 1-barrel and It was Candy Apple Red with Black interior, it also had a Standard 3 Speed Stick Shifter. My Dad took me one day in early June of 1969 because he had to co-sign for me in order to buy it. I had taken $500.00 for a down payment to buy the car I bought at $1704.00 and my payments where for $89.00 a Month for 3 years. Once I saw what I was going to pay for that car if I kept paying the notes until complete it would have been $3200.00, I took all my money I made that Summer with what I had in the Bank and paid it off. Down through the years I only owned that one Mustang. I have owned quite a few new Ford automobiles and none of them ever compared to my Red Big 6 Mustang that I loved the most.