"Built Ford Tough" Also Applies To Mustangs

In my opinion, the later Fox Bodied Mustangs were the best Mustangs ever made. i drive a 91 Mustang GT and i love it not only because its incredibly fun to drive, but its also a lot tougher than one might think. In fact, it even saved my life a couple times.

One day i was on my way home from the mall. As i tried to merge into the left lane on the highway, the car behind me sped up to cut me off. I maneuvered to avoid hitting the other vehicle but in doing so, the rear end stepped out and I entered a somewhat controlled spin at about 70MPH. The car came to rest along the side of the highway against the trees. Fearing the worst, I got out to inspect the damage. I expected the front end to be heavily damaged as it had dug into the mud, but as it turned out, the only damage was a small dent in the rear skirt where it struck a small tree while sideways. It took a flat-bed wrecker to pull it out but i eventually drove it home. Because of its low center of gravity, the Mustang didn't flip over like most cars would have.

A few months later, i was cruising through a neighborhood with some friends late at night just killing some time. As i approached an intersection, a large SUV rounded the corner at high speed and entered my lane heading straight for me. I highly suspect the driver was drunk. To avoid a head on collision, I bit the bullet and swerved into the ditch next to me. The car jumped across a gravel driveway and struck a mailbox along the driver side. Similar to the previous incident, I expected heavy damage to the front end but it was completely intact. Just like before, the only damage was cosmetic as you can see in the picture. Using only a shovel, a flashlight, two boards and a floor jack we freed it from the ditch and like before, the Mustang drove home under its own power.

There have also been many minor incidents involving this car but every time I've driven away. I must give credit where credit is due, and for being designed in the late 70's, the Fox still proves itself to be a rugged and reliable platform. Thanks Ford!