Bleeding Blue For Over 30 Years

My grandfather worked at the Milpitas Ford plant for over 30 years. He told me all the stories about working there and building Mustangs. When I turned 16 I got a '68 Mustang that was built at that plant. My grandfather never saw my restomod I built but he would be proud. The Mustang is gone but the Mustang Emblem tattoo is forever on me along with the Shelby Cobra snake. Since then I have added a Focus with other 200k miles on it and a Ford Explorer. My dream will always to own a Shelby. My kids tell me when they grow up they will buy me one...after they buy themselves one first
Brandon Bergs 07/29/2011
I want a Shelby too! I've always wanted a Mustang since I was like 5 years old! = ) " Ford drive MANY"