This year marks the 50th anniversary of the ford Mustang on April 17th interesting enough April 17th also happens to be my birthday, although I'm a bit older than the Mustang with a birthdate of April 17th 1951. Just the same I think it's really cool it worked out this way. My wife purchased the Mustang in June of last year just before we retired,from Paquin motors in St.Albans Vermont, since then we have relocated to Carson City NV. We shipped the car to NV on a car carrier to my brothers house until we arrived. Driving cross country with our 2011 F-150 Eco Boost crew cab pulling an 18 ft open trailer with a john deere side by side, a great trip for all of us including our toy poodle named Bailey.So I can only close by saying Happy Birthday to Us, Thank You Ford Mtr Co.