Birthday Gift From My Wife

For my sixty third birthday my Wife purchased a 2012 Ford Mustand Premium V-6 for me.  The local dealer was great in pointing out applicable discounts for veterans and Disabled American Veteran members that were valid at the time.  Gave us an honest trade in value for our Explorer and have been just as friendly after the sale as they were when selling us the vehicle.
Love the car, of course I have been a Mustang fan since my high school years and they have come a long way.  
It is not unusual to get 34+ mpg so I am not just happy with the fun ride, but the great fuel economy.
As with most owners, I set about to customize my Mustang.  First item was to replace the light switch with an automatic one for the headlights, then added fog lamps.  I replaced the Ford wheel centers with the red, white and blue stripes and pony.  I also added the same striped pony to left and right fender.
I found a great place that sold color matching vinyl decals of the running pony.  The smallest went on the center rear brake light.  The next size up looks great in the center of the windshield.  For the rear windows I got one facing right and one facing left in the next size and they look super!  (I have had so many Mustang owners approach me about that addition that I think it would be a great etching on the windows to be standard equipment or an option).  The largest decal went on the back window.
After almost 3 years it has less than 40,000 miles on it and has run perfectly.
There has never been any lack of quick acceleration when needed and living in the country and around mountains the handling is nothing short of outstanding.
This is my fourth Mustang and have loved them all through the years, each better than the previous one.
Having read the suspension upgrades in the upcoming 2015 Mustang I may just have to get one in a convertible!
Nothing like having a gift that keeps giving and even in us older folks, gallops us back to days of our youth.