Birth Year

hello   i just wanted to share this story with you i have a big time love affair with the ford mustang...i,m on number 16  about 4 months ago i purchased a 1968 gt/cs from a woman who had it since  1972.... and she wanted it to go to a good home     so i told her that i had many mustangs over the years and that i love them all   and that i was born in 1968    well that made the deal happen    she wanted me to really have the rare GT/CS.. so we worked out a fair price  .and now the GT/CS is in my garage    it needs a lot of work  but its good just to know its there in my garage    dreams do come true
Peter 04/04/2014
Looks like you have your work cut out for you, but it will be beautiful when you're done. Enjoy it!