Big Hair Bands And The 5.0

By John F.

Just like the BIG HAIR bands the Mustang GT 5.0 ruled the late 80's.
Thinking back in the days of out cruising in the 5.0. Def leppard's "Pour some sugar on me" cranking out full blast, windows down. that was definitely an iconic era. Best music ever from that time frame and even with 225 horse power, one of the best cars of all-time. The fox body 5.0. All the magazines had the big bad Iroc Z 5.7 listed as the untouchable in specs, but honestly, I was NEVER beat by one in the 1/4 mile and me at the time bone stock.
They dreaded seeing me coming at the Shell station on a Friday night in the 5.0.
A good friend of mine had a Trans AM GTA. He knew he couldn't out run me so he always reverted back to the "that car looks like a box, man" insult tactic.
"Well.....this box is plastic and has no weight my friend. So bring on out that big pretty Trans Am with it's shiny gold wheels....and let's go line them up."