Best Car I Ever Helped Buy

By Debi M.

My oldest son was looking for a new car I went with him to look and he liked the 2000 Ford mustang. It was grey and very nice car Leather interior Just a plain beautiful car. He bought it and he let me use it when he was at work. Many times Id be getting fuel and people would come up to me and say sweet car and Id say Thank you it belongs to my son. It was definitely a gorgeous car When he went for a new car after it He gave it to my youngest son who still drives it on weekends and it is still a car that gets comments about how nice it looks. It has been a very very good car for my sons and one day Id like to have it when my youngest sons decides he doesnt want it anymore. My oldest son still drives his 350 Ford pickup that he got new and it has over 200000 miles It also has been a great vehicle. It has almost 300000 miles You cant beat a Ford for having the Best and longest lasting vehicles If you take proper care of them. If I buy a new car It WILL be a Ford!