Believe My 07 Mustang Saved Me

I was heading south on I-15 to work. I saw out of the corner of my eye a red car heading right for my passenger side. she hit me at about a 90 degree angle, turned out she had been clipped by a semi on her rear quarter panel that caused her to vear sharply across the freeway (east). that sent me into a 450 degree spin and I veared sharply back across the freeway (west). I was aimed right at the middle of the same semi's trailor that clipped her car and I didnt want to go under the trailor so I turned really sharp to my right which I figured would put me into a spin but I would hopefully miss the trailor. turned out to be a good move because I ended up driving right into the back tires of the trailor. I hit it at an angle the caused the trailor to roll over my car starting at the right front headlights and across the hood to right in front of the windshield. I opened my door, closed it. and walked away. Oh, by the way, the semi never stopped. I have never heard of a semi doing a hit and run but I guess it happens. Anyway, thanks Ford. I really liked that car and it saved me. Too bad it got totaled.
jacob 06/15/2010
my 95 cobra and god saved my life too.
Craig Snedeker 06/02/2010
Wow man someone was looking our for you!
seth 05/13/2010
wow, that takes safety to a whole new level!