An Overwhelming Surprise

Im 18 years old, and ever sense I can remember I've wanted a Mustang. My first car was starting to get clunky, and I begged and begged my dad for a new car, specifically a Mustang. He kept putting me off, but secretly he was hunting down the perfect car. One saturday morning my brother and I were sitting on our couch watching television. Our parents had left early that morning to run into town - or so we thought. They got home around 11am and told me "there is a guy showing someone his car up this way, and he said he'd bring it by for you to test drive" I was like "Okay" well my mom got a phone call, and told me he was turning down our road. We all went outside to wait for him. Down the driveway comes this BEAUTIFUL 1998 Silver Mustang with Paradise City screaming out the radio. Now, we have a very long driveway, and it was not until the guy turned the car to pull in front of our house that my brother and I realized it was our older brother driving it! He was visiting us on Military leave! Turned out, my dad got the call from the owner of the car while they were at breakfast with my older brother after his plane got in! They went and looked at the car and it was immaculate and well worth the price so he got it!!!! I could literally eat off of the engine it was so clean. So now I am a proud owner of a Silver 1998 Mustang :D
Sam Boswell III 01/01/2012
Thats a Beuatiful car. I have one exactly like it except it is Bright Atlantic Blue.