An Old Pony Car And A Great Man.

By Bob D.

Hi. With the Mustang turning 50 I just wanted to share how much an old pony car can mean to a person.  In 1988 I purchased a 1967 Mustang coupe.  I was a 17 year old gear head who was already driving a '79 GT.  The '67 was the world to me.  In 1989 I decided to do some work on it and restore it and do some mild mods to the motor.  With my father I would travel all over the area looking for parts, which was before the internet, and parts were a lot harder to come by.  These trips are now great memories spent with a great man.  In 1991 Uncle Sam had different ideas for me and off to the millitary I went, leaving the incomplete and in pieces car in my fathers garage.  As life would have it, kids came along and also the expenses of raising a family.  The car just sat there for years.  My father would always tell me how much he'd love to see the car running.  Everytime we would hang out in the garage the car was always our topic of conversation.  Again life got in the way.  My father was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and was only given six months to live.  Knowing how much he wanted to see it running, and how much I wanted to spend time with him, I got to work.  Using every spare second I had I was under that car with my father sitting in an old chair watching me when he was able.  I replaced or restored more parts than this column will let me write. I had the engine work done and the transmission by other people.  Other than that it was all me, which is how I wanted it.  So in a few months time the car was finally back on the road and me and my fahter went on a ride.  It was one of the greatest days of my life.  My father passed a few months later and I escorted the funeral procession to the grave yard in the Mustang.  The next summer I restored the interior of the car. I sat my fathers hat and boots on the chair just like I knew he'd be sitting there with me. He spent 40 years working in a local steel mill that supplied metal for the car manufacturing industy.  When I pulled up the carpet in the car there was the company logo for the mill he worked at on the floor pan. It's like he was always a part of that car.  To this day when I drive it, his boots and hat are always in the car with me. I miss terrible and this car is one of the ways I'll always keep his memory with me. Thanks for keeping the Mustang going into the future so many other people are able to make these types of memories.
Ford Social 05/23/2014
Hi Bob D.! It's so awesome that you and your father were able to bond over your mutual love of Mustangs. Thank you for sharing your touching story. - Ford Social Moderator