An American In Paris

We were living as expatriates in Europe and missing our 1995 Mustang GT Convertible that sold before moving to Belgium. In 2003 we finally found a replacement: A 1969 Mustang Convertible. We purchased the car from the President of the Belgian Mustang and Cougar Club. When asked why the club president would sell his Mustang he said:"I only have room for 4 classic pony's in my stable and I have another Boss 302 on the way."

After some small upgrades: power brakes, and a stereo we planned a vacation in 2004 with the car. We drove the car from Brussels to Paris, to St. Tropez, back via Reims (picked up some champagne) and back to Brussels. Everywhere people would ask about the car, give us the thumbs up, or stop us to tell their Mustang story. When parked up in St. Tropez between a new Ferrari and a Rolls Royce convertible, teenagers were taking picture of themselves in front of our Mustang with their cell phones. The pony is popular all over the world and with people all ages.

It was a fantastic experience. We did 2300 miles (most of it with the top down) in a 35 year old car, and the only thing that was wrong was a burnt out tail light. A true testament to the built Ford tough slogan.

We have moved back to the US in 2007 and since the Mustang has been converted to a daily driver. Its reliable enough and gives me miles of smiles. Nothing I would rather drive.
Roy Williams 04/29/2010
What a magnificent sight! Ford Mustangs in France. It was a wonderful coda to our trip to Paris last fall.