An Accidental Mustang Owner

By Tony M.

I got into Mustangs completely by accident. I run a company in England renting out classic British sports cars and have never really been into Fords other than my first car a 1968 Ford Corsair.

When the latest Mustang came out we started receiving requests from people wanting to hire a classic Mustang. Up to that point I hadn't thought of buying one One day when collecting one of our cars from my local garage there was a nice 1966 Mustang Fastback parked outside. Through the owner of the garage I tracked down the owner of the Mustang and we agreed a deal to start renting it out for him.

Having been renting out British classics for over 8 years the Mustang quickly became our most popular car. Then a few months ago the owner said that he wanted to sell his Mustang as he needed the money to start a business. While his car was in good condition it had an automatic gearbox (not a fan) and basic drum brakes.

I started looking for a first generation Mustang - manual, preferably with disk brakes. After a few months of looking I have now found a fantastic 1965 Mustang GT with a four speed top loader gearbox. It has disk brakes on all wheels, and even has working air-con fitted.

I took delivery on 10th October and am still playing with it, fixing a few minor issues with the electrics and abit if minor tidying up.

It drives really well. The 4 speed manual gearbox is much more controllable than the old 3 speed auto and the brakes feel like they can actually stop the car. It is fitted with a later 302 ci engine and Edelbrock carburettor so it goes really well.

Stonking fun.

I just need to buy myself an oil well. When the car was built in 1965 petrol was 31 US cents a gallon. Now in the UK petrol costs us the equivalent of about 11 US Dollars per gallon. Not cheap to run but greatfun and everyone thinks the car is truly wonderful.
Paul Mickelson 11/07/2011
Looks like there will be additions to the corral and get some more of that true American "horsepower"!
Colten 10/30/2011
my dad has this car. original gt "a" code with a 4 speed toploader trans. all stock though, so it's quite a bit more collectible than a 302 transfer car. I have a 1968 convertible mustang. Gotta love me some pony's!
Lin 10/30/2011
I love this Mustang, this is what men are meant to drive!
Dan Underwood 10/25/2011
my favourite car the Mustang :) would have it over any other car in the world :D