American Dream

By John C.

My love for the Mustang started over 26 years ago when I bought my first car a 1979 Ghia 302 Automatic. It was the first major redesign for the Mustang that recaptured the magic that the first 1964 model did. To be able to own such a legend at 17 was a great thrill for me. I have had other Mustangs over the years coming and going for different reasons, but I was never really able to recapture that magical feeling. Then in 2005 when the S197 came to life I was getting that feeling again, and I had to go out an own one myself. It took a lot longer than I wanted, but in April of 2008 I was able to buy a brand new 2008 V6 automatic. I can feel the magic again that I felt all those years ago. If asked what makes it feel magical, I could list many reasons, speed, design, handling, but the truth is I think that Ford was able to capture the American dream and fit it into that Mustang back in 1964 and now today.
Joe Gruce 01/01/2012
Nice looking V6, I'm torn between this body style and the current one. I'll make a decision when I get ready to buy. My first Mustang was a 1976 Mach I with the "wonderful" 2.8V6 and the 3spd auto. For a 17 year old, it was (and still is) a dream car.