After 25 Years I Still Smile When I Drive It

In 1985 I was 15 and on the prowl for my first car. I only had a few hundred bucks saved up and a family friend was selling a beige Toyota Corona that was probably going to end up being my first vehicle. Not exactly my dream car.

Then in mid March I walked home from school and there was a red 68 Mustang coupe in the driveway. Dad is a mechanic so there were always various cars at the house so I didn't think much of it. After getting inside I asked "hey Dad, who's Mustang is that out there?" He told me it was mine and I owed him $250. $200 for the car and $50 for the towing fees to get it home. Thus began a now 25+ year love affair between me and a candy Apple red coupe.

For the first 16 years I owned this car she was a daily driver. 6 cylinder engine, bone stock with drum brakes all around. She got me from point A to B, most of the time. By 2001 there were over 300,000 miles on that poor little tired motor and it was time to make a decision. Do I restore to stock? Do I sell it? Do I blow all kinds of money for the next 3 years and make it everything I ever wanted? Of course I went with the third option.

Now my coupe is a lot badder than she was ever meant to be. Went through a full ground up restoration and modification including a 5.0 V8, AOD transmission, Paxton Supercharger, sound system, disc brakes....the list goes on. As for the exterior we fit her with a front end from a 67 Shelby which has always been a dream car of mine. Kept the Candy Apple red paint color but added some bold white stripes.

Now I am a active member in the Mustang Club of San Diego and have spent a few years on the board. Just pulling this car out of the garage gets people on my street to come over and talk shop with me. Driving it down the street sometimes feels like a one float parade with people waving and giving a thumbs up. I can't help but get a huge smile on my face when I am behind the wheel.

The only thing this coupe did not have was a ragtop. I have always loved the thought of having a convertible. This past October my husband made that a reality when he surprised me, for our wedding anniversary, with a 2010 Kona Blue convertible. He presented the car to me at the local Ford dealer before our monthly club meeting. There sat the car with every option I wanted with a huge red bow on the hood. I felt like a game show contestant who won big time.

Now when we go to car events we each get to drive a Mustang. And yes, they both make me smile.

ps: this photo also contains my Dad's 2009 GT. We are a Mustang family
Karen A 08/22/2012
I missed purchasing a 1979 Indy pace car by 30 mins. One of the top pony cars ever. Gone but not forgotten. ( btw, the 1968 GT350 was always my styling favorite.)
Jake R. 10/09/2010
I am in the same boat!!!!! I recently just bought my dream car, a 92 Mustang LX 5.0 Hatch, and I absolutetly love it!!!!! It isnt in the best shape, but for like you said, me getting the thumbs up from random people, and stopping at a gas station to just have people ask me about give me a good sense of gratitude for what I have in my driveway every morning to go to work in. Second Ford I have ever owned, and I am more than happy to say that I wont buy anything without a blue oval badge on it!!!!!
Johann 10/07/2010

I feel the same way Cheri, my little '06 Windveil Blue/Parchment Mustang brings a BIG smile to my face every time I drive.... which is daily! 4 yrs later I still get compliments from total strangers. Your Candy Apple baby looks superb! Enjoy!