My 13 year old and myself, were driving to Walmart get get him a video game for his xbox, since he got all A's 2 report cards in a row. Walmart is about 8 miles from my home in North Texas. We were making a left into walmart, and got creamed.

The passenger side of the car was destroyed as well as the rear of the car, we were hit at over 80mph, both perfect without a scratch. Airbags and all, it was almost as if it was just a bad dream. This accident only occured 2 days ago. We are both fine, and the car took a incredible hit, the car is totalled. We are already ordering our replacement mustang as we speak. A very safe car, please remember we were only doing less then 10mph, car that nailed us , was doing over 80, it took him over a mile just to stop and his mini van was totalled as well.

Picture was taken 2 days ago, at 10pm at night.
Jarred 05/14/2011
Glad everyone was ok!