"A Viet Nam Dream"

As a young Marine serving out a 13 month tour in Viet nam in the year of 1966, I was 19 and without a High school Deploma, without a wife or girl friend, or a family to call my own. I joined because I really had nothing
else to do or look forward to. after months of moving north with my fellow Marines, I often Dreamed of coming home to my Dreams of marriage and a Family, a Car I can call my own. I came up with the idea of requesting some information on a "Baby Blue" Mustang from Ford Motor Co.
Any mail was great and exciting to recieve from anyone or about anything in the good old USA. I now had my color slick pages about my 1966 Mustang.
Beautiful to look at in this wet, muddy and god forsaken place. I Dreamed every day until May 1966 when I rotated back to the states via CA, Buses, Trains and Cabs to reach what I called Home at that time. Clinton, IA. My First move was to visit the local Ford
Dealership there and place down my savings for the past 13 months
on that "Baby Blue" 1966/ 289cu 3 speed, am radio Mustang.
I kept that "Carolina Blue Mustang" for 25 years and got married in 1967 and we both enjoyed my "Dream Mustang" together. I had Sear installed A/C for her and the two kids.
Now after 44 years with her and not with My Dream Mustang anymore,
I just bought a "Black" CS/GT Convertible, 5.0- 2011 Mustang.
We drop the top and Ride to the beach singing the songs from the 60's for much more than that $2,457.00 I spent on that
New " 1966 Blue Mustang" I Dreamed about some 45 years ago in the Jungles of Vietnam. Thank You FORD for the "DREAM MACHINE" I so enjoyed. frank