A True Mustang Lover, Other Than Myself.

By Matt D.

I love Mustangs! Thats the only kind of car I have owned since I was 18 years old and I am now 37. The only person I know who loves these cars more than I do is my older Brother. He inadvertently got me liking Mustang because he loved them so much. In fact he loved them so much he has made them a hobby and not just a car to drive. He has has countless project cars, he is now working on his second 66 fastback. His fist 66 fastback he installed a fuel injected 5.0. The man knows what hes doing! He has also built his own 95 replica Cobra along with many many other Mustangs including a 68 1/2 428 Cobra Jet and has had 2 different locations for a Mustang graveyard, in which has been filled with fox bodies both times. My brother actually made a living from his passion for these cars in the 90s. I don't know how many people will actually read this but if u wanna see a tried and true bleeding Ford blue person look up Ted Dearin on facebook and you see who I am talking about.

Matt Dearin
Mustang Lover