A Tale Of Two 1965 Convertible Mustangs

By Dan G.

My name is Dan Green and I live in Chino Hills, Ca. with my wife Mary and daughter Micaela and son Zachary. I was born and raised in Oxnard, Ca. with my older brother David. My first car was the red 1965 Mustang convertible in the attached pictures. I bought it with my newspaper route savings in 1975 when i was 16 years old for $500. This was my only car through my growing years and I still own and drive it to this day. My brother got his first car, the blue 1965 mustang convertible in 1972. It did not cost him anything, as someone had left it in a field for over a year and no one would claim it. The previous owner was nowhere to be found. He went through the proper due process and gained ownership of the car. This was his only car for his entire youth. He moved to Missouri 25 years ago and took the car with him, but only stored it in his garage and very rarely drove it. Recently he asked me if I wanted the car because his kids were not interested in it and he did not have the heart to sell it after all the memories and years of ownership. I said of course I would. I transported it back to Calif and got it back in good running shape. After seemingly minor repair, a new top and slight restoration work, the blue 65 was ready for its first road trip in 20+ years. My son taught himself to drive a standard 4 speed transmission on it. He then taught his older sister to do the same. (how cool is that, that my kids learned to drive a stick on the same car that their dad and uncle did). My family and I then drove both cars up the coast Hwy 1 from So. Calif to Monterey for a weeks long vacation. The cars both ran wonderfully and brought us back home without incident. My children both enjoy the cars now. My daughter will eventually own the red 65 and my son and I are currently undergoing a complete restoration of the blue 65 for his future ownership. They say that these cars have no dollar value to them because like my brother and I, they never want to sell them. The memories and heritage that are associated with them are priceless. It is only a coincidence that my brother and I owned the same make and model of car while growing up. We never really thought much of it. We did all of the work on them ourselves in order to keep them running. His is a 4 speed and mine is an automatic. My kids assure me that this story of these two cars will continue on together for many more years.
Alejandro Rivadeneira 01/16/2014
Very lucky guy, congratulation from Santiago Chile.
Dona 01/16/2014
I bought my first car in 1972 for $225; a horribly dinged black primered 63 VW van. This was near l.a. airport, Westchester Ca. How in the heck did you find a mustang for $500 after that, much less a convertible? Anyway, I have my Aunt's best friends' 67 Mustang with 50k miles on it, all original. It even had the original tires on it! Has a rare bench seat. May consider selling it someday soon as I don't drive it anymore but it is a member of the family...
James R 01/16/2014
Nice Story!
Terry 11/26/2013
What a great memory for you all. Too cool! You guys are lucky to have each other.
micaela g 11/19/2013
Such a great story!! And such beautiful mustangs! The work your family put in on them really paid off! I know the cars will stay in the family for many generations to come!
David Green 11/19/2013
Thanks so much Dan for submitting our little priceless story of Mustang history to share with other folks that have gotten really attached to their childhood autos.   David Green