A Real Life Changer

By Mark H.

Way back in 1972, it was my junior year in high school and I was bored with my life, and bored with my car. I decided I wanted to make a change so that summer all I did was work to save money to buy another car. I had one in my mind and I found it. It was a 1967 MustangGT with a 390 cubic Inch HO engine with a 4 sp transmission. It had a perfect body with jet black paint and white strips. I added some wheels and new tires and a few other things to get it to look the way I wanted.

It really did make a difference in my life because in those days your car told alot about you it seemed. I made new friends and also met the woman who 3 years later would be my life. We took that car everywhere in all kinds of weather from freezing rain, to driving in the snow to Mt Hood and back and of course all the cruising durring lunch break in High School as I always had a car Load. Not only did that car make me feel better about myself it gave me more confidence too. Anyway I'll never forget it. I've had a total of four MustangGT's in my life todate.