A "Pony" Waiting For Its Solider To Come Home

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted my very own Mustang. My father and grandfather would take me out to our town's annual Graffitti Weekend, a car show dedicated to the classic american muscle. From Model T's to Comaro's, each a timeless peice made alive by they're owners. But this is where my passion started. I was being taken around to look at all the cars parked, awaiting to be judged, and there I saw it. My jaw drops and so does my cotten candy for there she was, a '69 FastBack, V8, and as black as night. I rush over, press my face against the glass to see the even darker interior. Exlaiming to my father and grandfather that four lettered word, "COOL!". From then on, I've always wanted one, and now I'm about to become an owner of another peice of Ford's artistry. The All-New 2010 Mustang GT. Black as the one I saw as a kid, custom built straight from the factory and waiting for my return home from overseas in Iraq. The reborn Pony, waiting to carry it's soldier home.
Steve 01/16/2010
The words 'Thank You' doesn't really say enough. Because of you and your fellow soldiers, we live in a country that has freedom, liberty and the American way. You deserve more than just this Mustang. I know you will enjoy every minute behind the wheel. I own a 2010 Shelby GT500 and all I can say is, WOW!! Thank you again for all you do for your country and all of us, I salute you all.
KC 11/09/2009
I'm hoping you can get home soon to that black beauty & takes her out for a good ride with some red lining involved! After your service to our country over in those strange & foreign lands, it would only be befitting for you to experience the unbridled joy that first ride will bring. I am quite happy with my 2005 Mustang, but to get behind the wheel of the new Mustangs & GT's, (leaving with a screeching patch) one can only describe it as total bliss. Come home soon & be safe until then.
James D. McIntire 11/07/2009
Sir, Thankyou for your heroic service to our country. We have freedom because of brave soldiers like you. Go enjoy your new Mustang, you've earned it!!
Blair Kelly 11/06/2009
I second that sentiment meandhavasu! Justin, you rock! Return home safe and sound....
meandhavasu 11/01/2009
Congratulations.......and from the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU!!
I salute YOU! You deserve that Mustang!