A Piece Of Automobile History

The story iam about to tell you is of a lonely mustang that people forgot about. Her name is sally and she is a rare 1966 T-5 GT convertable born in Metuchen NJ on Feb 14 1966 and sent over for export to germany. Heres a brief story. Ford could not use the name Mustang overseas in that it was owned by a german truck company. Instead ford chose to change the name of mustangs exported to germany to T-5, the same obscure name that orginally given to the mustang development project by Lee Iacocca.
The Ford T-5 registry lists a total of 79 1966 T-5. There are two 1966 HI-PO T-5 convertibles, one is located in europe and the other convertible i own here in wisconsin. Truly a rare automobile
Dave E 05/04/2012
That is very interesting. You've got one rare pony there!
Ray S 04/21/2012
Nice car! Great story! Was your car built with the KPH speedo or MPH speedo (likely intended to be brought back by some U.S. Serviceman)? T-5's are definitely interesting cars. Thanks for sharing!