A New Fox In The Stable

The wife and I already have an 06 Mustang GT Convertible that we've heavily modified with both performance and appearance upgrades. We take the car to shows and are very active board members of the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan (mocsem.com). In the Summer of 2012 I started getting the bug to pick up a second Mustang, but something older.

I started looking for a Fox Body. I graduated high school and college in the 80's and that's the car I wanted back then but couldn't afford. I was looking for a 5.0 notchback but then I came across this '93 LX 5.0 hatchback. I took a look at the car and fell for it right away. The body and red paint were in excellent condition and the interior looked like it had never been sat in. Other than a cold air intake, shorty headers, 5 lug conversion, and an exhaust, the car was stock. That's not an easy find in a Fox Body. When I fired up the 5.0 I was hooked. It has the best exhaust note ever.

I snapped the car up and brought it home and it brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. It's not the fastest or most refined car, but it has that muscle car rawness missing in today's cars. And when we take the Mustangs to car shows with our 3 kids, you absolutely can't beat the convenience of the hatchback. I love this Mustang.
William F 02/04/2013
Fox Body , my favorite body style ever. Exceptions being Elinor of coarse !!