A Mustang Guy From Day One!

The evening of April 16th, 1964 is still special to me - the night Bonanza was late due to the advertisement of a new Ford -- the Mustang! At the tender age of 11 (going on 12!) I was hooked!

My dad took me to the dealership the next day where I looked through the plate-glass window at the new marvel! It was beautiful! Later that spring we went to the New York World's Fair where I again looked through the glass at the Ford Pavillion to see the carousel of new 64 1/2 convertibles.

Many Mustang's have come & gone since that day -- a '69 Mach 1, a '70 Boss 429, a '79 Fox Body, but now we have the '64 1/2 convertible show in the picture -- a great tribute to the dreams of a stary-eyed, red-blooded 11-year old American boy!!