A Mustang.............finally!


I guess my story isn’t really any different than thousands of other folks who have always wanted a Mustang but just never was able to own a car like that. I have never owned anything but a Ford starting with a 1966 Ford Cortina GT. That lead me to a ’65 Fairlane 500, ’73 Pinto (first new car), and then an F-150 4x4. When I got married my wife had a ’70 Maverick. We then bought her parents 1968 Custom 500.

Life went on and we continued to buy Fords. I am now on my fourth pickup, a 2008 F-350 diesel. My wife drives a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. But all the while I continued to admire the Mustangs. I worked for a Ford dealership between 1968 and 1973 and was able to drive many Mustangs from six-cylinder to Cobra Jet models. But the vehicles we owned were always more practical vehicles; a pickup for utility purposes and a four door sedan for family transportation. As our parents got older we needed vehicles more adapted for handling their needs.

Well, times have changed. Sadly our parents are now gone. I just turned 60 and retired from my career of 37 ½ years. Recently my wife suggested we grab a bite at one of our favorite restaurants. On the way we passed the local Ford dealer and there sat a beautiful 2011 Mustang V6 Premium with a big white stripe. She suggested we stop and look at it. This is the same dealership where I worked back in the 70’s and my friend, a salesman, still works there. Well, this time everything came together. At this time in my life I have no reason NOT to own a Mustang. We closed the deal and I brought home a Mustang…….finally!

Michael Powell 01/11/2012
MMWDMP 07/28/2011
im not quite the stripe guy but i love the mustang and thats a nice car congrats
Dan 06/14/2011
Nice story
CB 05/06/2011
Another dream come true. I hope you have many years of fine enjoyment.