A Mustang Drives On With Quality And Style

I have been pleased and most fortunate to have purchased a 1998 Ford Mustang Coup. I have been the only owner of this vehicle and as of this date June 18, 2010, my vehicle has driven a total of 342,900 miles on its original engine. I faithfully change the oil every 3,000 miles and my mechanic Auto Center of Wareham, MA has serviced all my Mustangs since 1980. It goes without saying I will be purchasing another Mustang if conditions are favorable to do so. Fords quality, reliability and vehicle satisfaction are aspects of my driving history since age 16. I have only bought Ford vehicles. I am most proud of Ford motor company for their management, their workers on the line making cars, and who administer Ford services. I continue to be proud of Ford surving economic times without government subsidy and for making a quality product. I am a professional Social Worker and when approached about my vehicle and Ford motor company, I enthusiastically share with others my success and pride being a Ford customer. At your convenience please forward this message to Stephen Odell, President and David Leitch, Ford General Counsel .

Respectively submitted from a more than happy Ford Mustang driver,
Linda PIttella, LICSW

PS. I can furnish a picture if needed.