A Mustang And The Bonding Of Father And Son

My Dad bought a 1988 GT, black with silver ground effects and T-tops off the showroom floor. Beautiful car. As I came into my driving years I became enthralled with that car. The hatchback, the note of the exhaust, the style... I loved it. Before I was road legal my Dad took me to a secluded spot and put me behind that 5.0 and manual T5. I was bad. stalled it, jerky starts and stop... but I was hooked. I ended up purchasing a 1995 GT (last year of that 5.0 I loved) with his guidance. I modded it pretty heavily and we wrenched on it together. I'll never forget.

I lost my Dad 4 years ago and the Mustang is a memory that constantly reminds me of him. Thank you Ford for an awesome machine and the ability to remember some great times I had with my Dad.
walter ezell 02/12/2013
@Donavan S, great story about youand your dad and becomina a fan of one of these awesome mustangs, i have one exactly like yours, same color, rims, except mine is a cobra. Always been a fan of the mustangs, take care!!
Donavan S 02/06/2013
I just wanted to say thank you to Ford for putting my story and picture up on the official Mustang Facebook page. You made me feel awesome today, and considering my birthday is in 4 days I'll accept it as an awesome gift. Thank you!

Love and miss you, Dad :)