A Member Of The Family

I bought my mustang while working at my father-in-law's car dealership after taking it in as a trade. My oldest daughter, Jill, was born in 1970, the year it was made, and my youngest, Janet, in 1974, the year I bought it. I was a teacher and baseball coach in a small town and my car was known as "Coach D.'s Mustang". When my daughters and their friends were growing up, I would take them for rides in the convertible, and in exchange, they had to sing "Take me out to the ballgame." It has spent countless hours at the ballfield, been in numerous parades, chauffered my daughter and niece to their wedding receptions, and made quite a few trips to the golf course. My grandchildren enjoy taking it for rides through town to get ice cream, as do my wife, Donna and dog, Macy. It is definitely a part of the family.