A Lot Of Firsts

When I first met my husband 6 years ago, he had an '03 Mustang Cobra. He ended up having to sell it since he was coming to see me in college most weekends and it didn't get the best gas mileage. It was a very selfless thing of him to do, so I was more than happy to see him get a 2013 Mustang GT! We were both so impressed with this car and how far it's come since 2003, and it made for quite a photo subject as well! I'm a photographer so that was my first instinct, to capture its beauty. I've never owned a Mustang, nor a manual car so needless to say I'm ecstatic! We've been taking it everywhere and it now has an exhaust and window tint. We love it and couldn't be happier with the purchase :)
Jessica P 09/19/2012
Thank you so much, Niral!! How kind of you to say so :)
Niral V 09/17/2012
That's a beautiful car! And good job on the pic!