A Dream Come True

By Brad C.

Ever since I was little I've wanted a Mustang. Finally, after a lot of anxiety and patience, I own one.

The day I bought my Mustang (a Friday) I was so excited. It was late in the day and I couldn't register it for the road. That weekend I must have been in and out of the house dozens of times. I would walk out, admire it, wash it, admire it some more, then make my way back inside constantly looking back. Finally, Monday came and I couldn't get to the town hall fast enough. After flying through paperwork I had it--my ticket to driving my beautiful new car. With only a (very minimal) number of red light and stop sign infractions that morning, I finally had the plates on and could begin my journey.

I've been a fan since I can remember, with the classic "Eleanor" being one of my favorites. Every time I look out the window I glare and think to myself "I finally have one. It's MINE." And, to this day, I internally celebrate my victory with every walk out to the car.

Thank you Ford, I'm a very proud owner of a brilliant Blue Mustang, and an amazing Eddie Bauer. I'm hoping this year I can adopt a new BOSS 302 to add to my beautiful family.