A Dream Come True

From a very young age I always found myself playing racing games and unconsciously driving the various Fords that the games had to offer. My best friend's dad drove a 90's Camaro and I thought it was nice, but left much to be desired. Then I saw it, the brand new 2005 model Mustangs. I had never seen such a work of art and I knew I needed to have one. Fast forward some time later, I had received my license. I drove my grandfather's Ford Ranger for a while, dreaming of the day I could afford a Mustang. Only to add to my desire, my mother's new boyfriend possessed a 1999 Mustang GT. It was not my favorite model, but was nice. When he learned of my love of the car, he talked with my mother and devised a plan. He bought a 2001 V6 Mustang behind my back and fixed it good as new, even adding a few touches to make it look like a Mach1- my favorite model. A few months down the road I had a minor surgery - wisdom teeth removal - and was incapacitated for a few days. When I awoke from my drowsy state one afternoon I looked to my left and saw a set of keys. I figured that they had been left by visitors and went to find the owner. I stepped outside and saw nothing more than the Mustang. Silver, with '03 GT rims and a chin spoiler. I instantly feel in love. I asked my mom where it came from. She then informed me that she had sold our Expedition and bought it from her boyfriend. For me. My heart hit my throat and I immediately ran out and started her up. I instantly named her Mary, my Mustang. I finally had my dream car, like a dream come true.