A Dream Come True

In 1982 I was 18 and the new Mustang GT came out. It was the first real performance car Ford had come out with since the 70's. I was in love! I went to my local Ford deal and took a picture of a GT that was sitting out front under a tree. I hung that picture in my room and looked at it every day. Well, a few years later I finally saved enough to buy a used Mustang GT. After searching through literally 25 cars and color combinations and options I decided on a black on black GT. It was a beautiful car! After owning it for a few months I took it to the dealer for service. While I was waiting I was talking with my dad's salesman. He looked at my car and told me that he had one just like that when they first came out. He told me he used to park it out front under that tree. I remembered the picture I took and had hanging in my room. I told him about the picture. He looked up the VIN and low and behold I owned his car and the car I had taken a picture of so many years ago that has been hanging in my room. To date, that was the most fun exciting car I have owed. That car start the Mustang revolution that so many enjoy today.