A Dream Come True

By John B.

Coming from a GM family, I remember apologizing to my grandpa that for my last pinewood derby car I crafted a fastback black mustang with flames and tinfoil chrome accents. Not only did I win best of show, but the car proved to be one of the fastest in the pack's competition. Many years later in 2005 I found myself at the Cleveland Auto Show, sitting in a brand new 2005 Mustang GT. Within a month of starting my first job out of college I was in a Ford dealership - but sadly the numbers made me realize I would have to wait. Fast forward again to this past July. A casual glance at an internet car site showed a 2011 Mustang GT, black leather on black, with the Brembo brake package, sitting "used" on my home town dealer's lot. After two test drives and some paperwork the car was mine the next day. It has been everything I could have ever dreamed of and more! 3.73 rear end ratio helps get me up to 60 in the blink of an eye, and the look and sound of this car are dynamite! Thank you for keeping driving fun and accessible to the working saps like myself! Keep up the great work, Ford!!!
Ryan W 02/22/2012
3.73s are a blast! Congrats!
Joe Gruce 02/05/2012
Glad you found yours,I just found mine last Saturday and picked it up last Monday. Thankful it has been a mild winter here in NH, so I have been driving it as much as possible. Enjoy it!!
Brooke Reed 10/16/2011
Woo! It's gorgeous! Congrats on owning such a beautiful and powerful mustang! :)
Baciu Vasile Ciprian 08/31/2011
The best Ford