A Decade+ Of Mustangs

Our first Mustang was a 1999, 35th anniversary 5-speed in white, beautiful car. Unfortunately it got totaled after about 6 months when a driver fell a sleep at the wheel and ran in to our parked car. Took a few years, and a move south, but the '99 was finally replaced with a yellow '03 GT fully loaded with leather, Mach audio, and the works. Loved that car and drove it until about a month ago when it was given to my son, who now carries on the Mustang tradition in the family. As for myself, well I'm not done yet with Mustangs. Now the proud owner of a '13 GT with the Brembo package giving in to my lust for power and acceleration. I absolutely love this more than any of my past cars! Mustang has definitely come a long way, even from the '99 model.