A Close Call

So, I was in highschool and needed a better car to take to college. My grandfather had always had a restored 66 mustang in the garage which he then gave to me to sell and use the money to buy a newer car to take to college. I tried to sell it which pained me because I am a huge mustang fan. But no one seemed interested and college was fast approaching. So, I decided to keep the mustang and take it to college. This was a big relief because I really did not want to get rid of that candy apple red mustang. Then my father realized something, the restoration that had been done 15 years before was poorly executed and the floor panels were all rusted through along with many other problems. We ended up spending months re-restoring it until it was in perfect condition mechanically and aesthetically. We updated all the suspension, added some engine upgrades, new wheels, added some new things to the interior and of course we had to add air conditioning. Now I have a reliable classic mustang that will increase in value and looks amazing. And to think I tried to sell it.
Dominic P 02/12/2014
Way to go Jonathon! Let's face it, there hasn't been a real Mustang since the early seventies. Reading this story is making me think serious about finding myself a real Mustang and using it as a daily driver to. It's a much better deal than buying a brand new "throw away" Mustang.